Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Now Available: 'Blisters Of Chimurenga' a novel by Marshall Shumba

Blisters Of Chimurenga features a cast of unforgettable characters thrust into the power game of death and deprivation in present day Zimbabwe. In this debut novel, Marshall Shumba, a Zimbabwean author/performer/educator, has brought us a fast-paced popular-fiction-style story to illustrate and document a portion of the peoples' history of enduring the violence of colonization in Zimbabwe.

'Vivid in portraying the impact of the current Zimbabwean crisis on ordinary citizens, and lucid in projecting the realities and struggles of peoples' daily lives, Marshall Shumba sees his characters, of all colors, as part of the land they inhabit. The people suffer, the land suffers with them.'

In that, Marshall Shumba has told the people's version of the story of colonization every where.

Blisters Of Chimurenga eBook Edition 

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